Conveyor Carrier Parts

Bulk Transport Conveyor Rubber EP Belt

Food Transfer Conveyor PVC PU Belts

Belt Splice Mechanical Elevator Bolts Plate Fasteners

Load Carrier Pipe Rollers Conveyor Idlers

Material Lifting Conveyor Drum Pulleys

Machinery Power Drive Parts

Machinery Power Transmission Nylon Leather Belting

Drive Motor Wedge Banded Cogged V Belts

Flexible Shaft Connections Pump Marine Drive Couplings

High rpm Belt-drive Taper Bush V Timing Pulley Sheaves

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ISO Certified HIC International Company India

Export Excellence Award to HIC
Export Excellence Award during
Feb 1997

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Units Conversion Multiple Calculations

Units Conversion Calculator
  in ft m cm mm  
  in2 ft2 m2 cm2 mm2  
  in3 ft3 m3 gallon (us) liter  
  lb oz ton (metric) kg gram  
  lbf ozf kgf N KN MPa
  in/s ft/min mph m/s m/min  
  B.t.u ft lbs J kWh kcal  
  psi lbs/ft2 kg/cm2 Pa (N/m2) bar  
  °F °C °R      
  HP kW W (Nm/s)      
  lbf/in N/mm        
 Tensile Force      
  lbs/ft2 kg/m2        
 Mass of Belt      
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