Conveyor Carrier Parts

Bulk Transport Conveyor Rubber EP Belt

Food Transfer Conveyor PVC PU Belts

Belt Splice Mechanical Elevator Bolts Plate Fasteners

Load Carrier Pipe Rollers Conveyor Idlers

Material Lifting Conveyor Drum Pulleys

Machinery Power Drive Parts

Machinery Power Transmission Nylon Leather Belting

Drive Motor Wedge Banded Cogged V Belts

Flexible Shaft Connections Pump Marine Drive Couplings

High rpm Belt-drive Taper Bush V Timing Pulley Sheaves

Flow Pressure Control
Ball Check Non Return Valves

2 way ball valve 1000 bar max high pressure - fire safe

2 way Flanged ball valve 400 bar max high pressure - wastewater control

2 way ball valve 100 bar max medium pressure - mud pump control

2 way ball valve 70 bar max low pressure - asphalt release sprayer

2 way Reduced port ball valve 50 bar max flow pressure - chemical injection pump

3 pc Isolation ball valve class 800 max flow pressure - cryogenic, steam rated

Flanged ball valve class 300 max pressure full flow - forklift hydraulic control

3 way ball valve L or T port class 300 max flow pressure flanged - military fire truck fluid mixer

4 way Multiport ball valve 400 bar max flow pressure Threaded - Chemical dosing

4 way Flanged diverter ball valve class 300 max flow pressure - gas mixing

Wafer check class 150 max flow pressure Non Return
valve-natural gas control

Swing check class 300 max flow pressure NRV - fuel pump control

Lift type class 1500 max flow pressure Non return check
valve-Condensate drain

Straight pattern check 700 bar max flow pressure Non return
valve-turbine steam control

Straight port 500 bar max high pressure flow Needle valve-Screwed and Flanged Gas regulating

Angle type 500 bar max pressure flow Needle
valve-Instrumentation process control

Gate type Butt-weld or Socket or Flanged ends class 1500 max high pressure valve-Oilfield flow control

Globe type class 1500 max high pressure valve-Subsea ship tank throttle flow control

Lubricated Plug type class 150 max high pressure valve-Refinery vapor pipeline shut off

Wafer type Butterfly class 150 max pressure control valve-Sewage

Flanged end Butterfly class 150 max pressure valve-Sanitary water control

Double check-valve quick connect coupling Hydraulic - Ammonia, Steam shut off

Single check-valve quick release coupling Pneumatic - Air shut off

Straight Through quick disconnect coupling - Viscous fluid hose connection

Cam and groove coupling tanker liquid and dry powder transfer, Camlock fittings Adapter, Coupler, Hose Shank, Dust Plug

High pressure quick connect hose coupling as per ISO 7241 -
Poppet style valves

GUIDE - Fluid medium, Flow type like water, oil, acid, alkaline, beverages, slurry, air, vapor, chlorine, Functionality, Design Pattern, Size, End connection, Body, Pressure, Temperature, Seat material of industrial valves Selection

Quality Assurance, Test Certificate, Warranty, Third Party Inspection
HIC industrial control valves

Steam Oil Water Discharge
Concrete Pressure Rubber
Hose Pipes

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Ball Check Valve Camlock Coupling Manufacturers

India located manufacturers of coupling, straight through coupling, quick coupling double check valve, quick disconnect coupling, high pressure ball valve, air quick coupling duo check, camlock coupling, non-return valves, full bore ball, reduced bore ball, flanged ball valve, two way ball, 2 way ball screwed, 3 way ball valve-screwed, Multiport ball valve-threaded, 3 pc ball valve-threaded, stainless steel ball valve-threaded and flanged, control valves, quick coupling check-valve, bulker unloading camlock coupling, quick release coupling, bolted bonnet steel globe valve-socket and but weld, plug valve-self lubricating, shutoff valve-screwed and flanged, three-way L or T port ball valve, carbon steel ball valve-screwed and flanged, butterfly valve-flanged, wafer check, needle valve-threaded and flanged, four way ball, cast iron gate valve-but weld and screwed, forged ball, medium flow pressure ball valves, anti-reverse check, duo check-valve coupling, single check-valve quick connect coupling, cam and groove coupling, camlock hose coupler, camlock hose adapter, camlock fittings exporters to oil tank manufacturers, air piping system contractors and water piping system consultants by HIC Universal having dealers distributors in China, Asia, USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Africa, Europe, Latin America, Scandinavia, piping valves suppliers as per quality standards conforming IS 9884,British BS 6755, API 598, ISO 683, DIN-ISO 1219 for ball valves, ISO 228 T1 for pipe threads, BS 5351, German DIN 2826 for quick release coupling, ISO 7241 for interchange hose coupling, DIN 2838, US Military MIL-C-27487 for camlock coupling, ISO 10423 for needle valves, ISO 7121 for globe valve, ISO 5752 for butterfly valve, ISO 5996 for gate valves.

Ball Ball
Non Return Non Return
Butterfly Butterfly
Needle Needle
Globe Globe
Gate Gate
Plug Plug

Regulate Flow Pathway Leak-Free
using HIC Universal
Directional Flow Piping Valves

Piping System hydraulic pneumatic gas liquids flow pressure control safe direct-acting fittings ball valves manufactured of forged stainless steel SS316- SS304-carbon steel-investment casting body, while quick release coupling check valve coupler adaptor set manufactured of stainless steel SS316L-SS304-carbon steel chrome plated body, whereas camlock coupling plus cam arm groove coupling fittings such as coupler-adaptor-dust cap-dust plug manufactured of aluminum-stainless steel SS304-SS316-carbon steel and needle valves manufactured of stainless steel SS304-SS316 body material industrial valves produced with seal material of Teflon PTFE or nitrile NBR or silicone or viton rubber selected based on high pressure flow media and resistance to temperature, proof pressure tested piping valves made in India by HIC Universal.

HIC Universal Ball control valves, Quick Release Coupling check valve, Camlock coupling, Needle flow control valves, Globe control valves, Gate control valves, Lubricated Plug flow control valves and Wafer type Butterfly valves are Original Choice by industrial piping contractors, plumbing consultants and storage oil tank manufacturers in India, China, Ireland, Mexico USA North America, Canada, Latin America, Germany, UK, Singapore, Taiwan, Australia, South Africa, Myanmar, Indonesia, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, UAE, Malaysia and other Asian countries.

Ball Valve, Needle Valve, Globe Valve, Gate Valve, Plug Valve, Butterfly Valve are classified as Control Valves HS Code 8481.

Quick Release Coupling Check Valve are classified as Stainless Steel Couplings HS Code 8414.

Camlock Coupling and Cam Groove Fitting are classified as Stainless Steel Couplings HS Code 8412.

Technical Data Sheet of hydraulics system high pressure ball valve available online.

Technical Data Sheet of pneumatic hydraulic quick connect-disconnect coupling available online.

Technical Data Sheet of fuel chemical storage tank camlock coupling available online

Technical Data Sheet of instrumentation refrigeration needle valve available online.


India industrial valve hydraulic coupling Suppliers HIC

  • Andaman Nicobar India Fire Hydrant industrial-valve gun metal manufacturers Government suppliers
  • Andhra Pradesh India Pneumatic On Off Ball valve Camlock Coupling manufacturers suppliers
  • Arunachal Pradesh India Water Ball valves high pressure manufacturers Government suppliers
  • Assam India Direction Control-valve tea garden equipment manufacturers suppliers
  • Bengal India Air Release coupling Butterfly and Gate valve manufacturers suppliers
  • Bihar India Fire Safe Ball control-valve Throttle Globe control Quick Coupling manufacturers suppliers
  • Chandigarh India Stainless Steel Two Way Ball industrial-valve Camlock Fitting manufacturers suppliers
  • Chhattisgarh India Wafer body Butterfly control-valve Gate valves manufacturers suppliers
  • Dadra Nagar Haveli India Single Piece Ball-valve Quick Release Coupling manufacturers suppliers
  • Delhi NCR India High Pressure Ball valve Non Return valves QRC manufacturers suppliers
  • Goa India Plug and Globe valves flow control equipment manufacturers suppliers
  • Gujarat India Lift Check and Forged Steel Gate valves manufacturers suppliers
  • Haryana India Quick Closing Butterfly valves flanged Hose Coupling manufacturers suppliers
  • Himachal Pradesh India Stainless Steel Butterfly and Gate valves manufacturers suppliers
  • Jharkhand India 3 Way Vane Pump control and Cast Steel Gate valve manufacturers suppliers
  • Karnataka India Multi port High Pressure Ball valve and Air Check-valve manufacturers suppliers
  • Kerala India Angle type Needle-valve Cryogenic Control-valves manufacturers suppliers
  • Madhya Pradesh India Globe Steam-valve High Pressure Butterfly-valves manufacturers suppliers
  • Maharashtra India Wafer Check-valve Hydraulic coupling and Ball valve manufacturers suppliers
  • Manipur India Angle type Cylinder-valve High Pressure Ball-valves manufacturers suppliers
  • Meghalaya India Through Flow Butterfly-valve Brass Needle-valves manufacturers suppliers
  • Nagaland India Shut Off Gate valves Cast Steel Butterfly-valve manufacturers suppliers
  • Orissa Odisha India Bitumen Sprayer Ball control Flow Regulating Water-valves manufacturers suppliers
  • Puducherry India High Temperature control Air Compressor valves manufacturers suppliers
  • Punjab India Wafer type Check and Non Return and Gate-valves manufacturers suppliers
  • Rajasthan India Cast Iron Butterfly valve Four Way valve Globe valve manufacturers suppliers
  • Sikkim India 2PC Flange Ball and Check-valve coupling and Butterfly valve manufacturers suppliers
  • Tamil Nadu India Cylinder control High Pressure Ball-valves and Pump-valve manufacturers suppliers
  • Tripura India Hydrant control Globe and Brass Needle valve manufacturers suppliers
  • Uttar Pradesh India High Pressure Ball and Gas Compressor valve manufacturers suppliers
  • Uttarakhand India Camlock Coupling Cam Groove Coupler Adaptor Plug Fitting manufacturers suppliers

Asia Pipeline Valves Hose Couplings Neighbouring Countries HIC India Exports:

  • Bhutan Asia Lubricated Plug and Check-valves and Metal Gate-valve manufacturers exporters
  • Nepal Asia Wafer Butterfly-valve Cast Steel Gate-valves SS Ball-valve manufacturers exporters
  • Myanmar Burma Asia Oil Spill Control-valve Quarter Turn Plug-valves manufacturers exporters
  • Sri Lanka Asia Quick Connect Coupling Isolation-valve Camlock couplings manufacturers exporters
  • Thailand Asia Non Return-valve High Pressure Regulating-valves manufacturers exporters
  • Singapore Asia Marine-valve Camlock Quick coupling Globe-valves manufacturers exporters
  • Malaysia Asia Two Piece Body Ball-valve Double Flanged Butterfly-valves manufacturers exporters
  • Philippines Asia Double Check-Valve Coupling Marine-valve Gate-valves manufacturers exporters
  • Indonesia Asia Fire Hydrant Brass-valve Ball valve Air Release-valve manufacturers exporters
  • China Asia Ball-valve Butterfly valve Gate-valve Swing Check valves manufacturers exporters
  • Hong Kong Asia Three Way Ball-valve Cast Steel Butterfly valve Gate-valves manufacturers exporters
  • Bangladesh Asia Instrumentation-valve Wafer Butterfly valve Ball-valve manufacturers exporters
  • Taiwan Asia Carbon Steel Ball valves Globe-valve Cam Groove Hose Coupling manufacturers exporters
  • Japan Asia Swing Check-valve Air Quick Release Coupling Cam Hose Coupling manufacturers exporters
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