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insulating rubber-mat sheeting factory HIC Universal manufacturing

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Insulating Mat Rubber Sheet Manufacturers

India located manufacturers of insulating mat as per IS 15652, anti-skid electrical rubber mat IS 5424, viton rubber sheet, EPDM rubber sheeting, silicone rubber sheets, NBR rubber-sheeting, SBR rubber-sheeting, natural rubber-sheets, white nitrile rubber-sheets, food grade rubber-sheeting, viton rubber-sheets, FKM-rubber sheeting, CR-rubber sheeting, chloroprene rubber-sheets, neoprene rubber-sheet, fire resistant rubber-sheets, anti-vibration pads, CSM-rubber sheeting, Hypalon rubber-sheeting, shot blasting rubber-sheets, butyl rubber-sheet, IIR-rubber sheeting, cork rubberized sheet, smoke rubber-sheet, abrasion resistant rubber-sheeting, nitrile cork sheet, neoprene cork-sheet, heat resistant rubber-sheets, acid resistant rubber-sheeting, alkali’s resistant rubber-sheet, chemical resistant rubber-sheets, phosphoric acid resistant rubber-sheet, caustic soda resistant rubber-sheets, steam quality rubber-sheet, high temperature silicone sheets, gas tolerant rubber-sheet, synthetic insulating mat for electrical purposes, flame retardant insulating mat, high voltage insulating mats, electrical insulation mat as per IEC 61111, electrical rubber mat as per BS 921, gasket rubber-sheets exporters to substation equipment and storage silo manufacturers by HIC Universal having dealers distributors in China, India, Asia, USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Africa, Europe, Latin America, Scandinavia, rubber-sheet mats suppliers as per quality standards conforming IS 15652, IS 5424, IEC 61111, BS 921 for electrical insulating mat, IS 638, IS 5192, ISO 6179, ASTM D1330 for rubber sheet gaskets cutting, BS 2751 for nitrile rubber sheet, BS 2752 for neoprene rubber sheet, DIN 32676 for viton rubber sheet, IS 2751, ASTM F104, ISO 7322 for rubber cork sheet.

Insulating-Matting as per IEC Insulating-Matting as per IEC
Electrical-Insulating-Mat as per IS 15652 Electrical-Insulating-Mat as per IS 15652
Rubber-Sheeting Roll Rubber-Sheeting Roll
Rubberised Cork-Sheet Rubberised Cork-Sheet
Anti skid Rubber-Floor-Mat Anti skid Rubber-Floor-Mat
Ply Insertion Rubber-Sheet Ply Insertion Rubber-Sheet

Fix Mats Sheeting to Protect from Leakage
using HIC Universal
Shock-proof Steam Quality Rubber Sheets

Electrical current safety anti-static floor covering essentials insulating mats manufactured of electrical-resistant up to 66 kV AC and 240 V DC voltage elastomer blend of synthetic rubber and natural rubber without insertion having anti-skid aberration marks top surface or chequered finish, while cork rubber sheets produced of dimensionally stable flexible cork rubberized bonded with nitrile or neoprene rubber And gaskets, diaphragm and flanges jointing leakage protection rubber sheeting are manufactured of single or combination of relevant synthetic rubber compound blended with chemicals vulcanized in Rotocure as well as hydraulic press-cured shock-proof mats steam quality rubber sheets made in India by HIC Universal.

HIC Universal insulating mat and rubber sheets are Original Choice by electrical-substation equipment and storage silos manufacturers in India, China, Belgium, UK, Italy, Yemen, Norway, Finland, Chile, Canada, Slovakia, Czech Rep., Venezuela, Trinidad, Colombia, Malaysia, Spain, Netherlands, Ecuador, Mexico USA North America, South Korea, Australia, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Singapore and other Asian countries.

Insulating Mat are classified as Electrical insulation rubber mats HS Code 4008.

Rubber Sheet are classified as Rubber Compounded Sheets of vulcanized rubber HS Code 4008.

Technical Data Sheet of electrical insulating rubber floor mats available online.

Technical Data Sheet of rubber diaphragm gasket sheet available online.


India rubber sheet matting Suppliers HIC

  • Andaman Nicobar India Neoprene sheet-rubber fly fishing waders manufacturers suppliers
  • Andhra Pradesh India Insulating mats power plant manufacturers suppliers
  • Arunachal Pradesh India Insulating Mat for electrical purpose manufacturers Government suppliers
  • Assam India Natural rubber-sheet packing material aggregate crusher manufacturers suppliers
  • Bengal India IIR Rubber-sheeting alumina refinery consultants suppliers
  • Bihar India SBR NR-rubber Steam quality Insertion sheets flange packing manufacturers suppliers
  • Chandigarh India Viton sheet-rubber alkalies chemicals plant manufacturers suppliers
  • Chhattisgarh India Insulating Mat substation equipment manufacturers suppliers
  • Dadra Nagar Haveli India Neoprene rubber-sheeting diving suits manufacturers suppliers
  • Delhi NCR India Electrical shock proof Mats air conditioning plant manufacturers suppliers
  • Goa India EPDM rubber-sheet roofing materials manufacturers suppliers
  • Gujarat India Rubberized Cork sheets power transformers manufacturers suppliers
  • Haryana India Cork rubber-sheet gasket material automobile engine head manufacturers suppliers
  • Himachal Pradesh India NBR sheeting electrical-power transformers manufacturers-suppliers
  • Jharkhand India High Voltage Insulating Mats control panel boards manufacturers-suppliers
  • Karnataka India Fluoro FKM sheeting defence aviation moulded rubber manufacturers-suppliers
  • Kerala India Switchboard Di-electric Insulating Mats distribution panel board manufacturers-suppliers
  • Madhya Pradesh India Hypalon rubber-sheet automotive chemicals manufacturers-suppliers
  • Maharashtra India Silicone rubber-sheet sealing building construction contractors suppliers
  • Manipur India EPDM sheeting drinking water pipeline contractors suppliers
  • Meghalaya India Insulating Mats electrical switchboard equipment manufacturers-suppliers
  • Nagaland India SBR rubber-sheeting gasket material mining equipment manufacturers-suppliers
  • Orissa Odisha India Chloroprene sheeting industrial fire management consultants suppliers
  • Pondicherry India Neoprene sheet-rubber marine equipment manufacturers-suppliers
  • Punjab India SBR rubber-sheet shot blasting equipment manufacturers-suppliers
  • Rajasthan India Butyl sheet-rubber smelting equipment manufacturers-suppliers
  • Sikkim India Neoprene rubber-sheeting trekking equipment manufacturers-suppliers
  • Tamil Nadu India Switchboard Insulating Matting control switch board manufacturers-suppliers
  • Tripura India Silicone rubber-sheeting food processing machinery manufacturers-suppliers
  • Uttar Pradesh India Insulating Matting x-ray equipment manufacturers suppliers
  • Uttarakhand India Nitrile rubber-sheet gasket material oil drilling contractors’ suppliers

Asia Sealing Gaskets Rubber Sheet Mats Neighbouring Countries HIC India Exports:

  • Bhutan Asia Silicone sheet-rubber water purification equipment manufacturers exporters
  • Nepal Asia Nitrile rubber-sheet food processing equipment manufacturers exporters
  • Myanmar Burma Asia Natural-rubber sheets gasket material crusher manufacturers exporters
  • Sri Lanka Asia Electrical Safety Mats AC plant room manufacturers exporters
  • Thailand Asia Food grade Silicone sheet-rubber sealing system manufacturers exporters
  • Singapore Asia Cork Nitrile-rubber bonded sheets electrical switchgears manufacturers exporters
  • Malaysia Asia Neoprene rubber-sheeting air space fuel tank manufacturers exporters
  • Philippines Asia insulating Mats power plant equipment manufacturers exporters
  • Indonesia Asia Neoprene rubber-sheet storage tank seals manufacturers exporters
  • China Asia Quick Chloroprene sheet-rubber aerospace military seals gaskets manufacturers exporters
  • Hong Kong Asia Natural rubber-sheet shooting range construction consultants exporters
  • Bangladesh Asia Sprockets Taper Lock Dual duty pulleys textile machine manufacturers exporters
  • Taiwan Asia CSM Hypalon rubber-sheeting seal material chemical acid plant manufacturers exporters
  • Japan Asia NBR Nitrile rubber-sheet storage silos manufacturers exporters
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Electrical Insulating Mat Rubber Sheets Seal Gasket Material
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