Bulk Transport Conveyor Rubber EP Belt

Food Transfer Conveyor PVC PU Belts

Belt Splice Mechanical Elevator Bolts Plate Fasteners

Load Carrier Pipe Rollers Conveyor Idlers

Material Lifting Conveyor Drum Pulleys

Machinery Power Transmission Nylon Leather Belting

Drive Motor Wedge Banded Cogged V Belts

Flexible Shaft Connections Pump Marine Drive Couplings

High rpm Belt-drive Taper Bush V Timing Pulley Sheaves

HIC India - Industrial Conveyor Belt Manufacturers

ISO 9001 Certified manufacturers of conveyor belts, drive pulleys, rubber sheets, hydraulic valves, industrial belts, conveyor idlers, belting fasteners, rubber hoses, drive couplings, pneumatic couplings, India located HIC International Co Inc, SSI rubbers manufacturing unit, wholesale producers of rubber products have best dedicated team of 63 workforce of rubber technologist, chemical compounders - chemist, mechanical and maintenance engineers, skilled labor, quality control inspector and laboratory in-charge, management experts in Delhi and Uttar Pradesh factories located in India, an export award winner South Asian company of HIC Universal brand industrial products for industrial materials handling, safety drive and agricultural power transmission use.

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Conveyor Carrier Parts Manufacturers' Tailor-Made: HIC

Robust Steelcord EP Neoprene EPDM Rubber Conveyor Belt 2000mm W max

Steel cord conveyor belt, EP conveyor belting, General purpose conveyor belt, Neoprene conveyor belt, EPDM conveyor belt, Food grade conveyor belt


Oil Resistant Food Grade Cleated Chevron PVC Conveyor Belts 3000 mm W max

Oil resistant conveyor belt, Chevron conveyor belt, PVC conveyor belt, PVC food belts


High Tensile Alligator Type Lacing Fastener and Elevator Bolt 25 mm Thick Belts max

Crocodile pattern lacing fastener, Elevator bolt


Dustproof Steel Pipe Roller Self Align Conveyor Idlers 2400 mm BW max

Pipe roller, Self align idler, Conveyor idlers, Idler rollers with frame


Balanced Head Tail Snub Drum Conveyor Pulleys 2200 mm FW max

Drum pulley, Head drum conveyor, Tail pulley conveyor, Snub pulley


Machinery Power Drive Parts Manufacturers' Custom-Made: HIC

Low Elongation Nylon Leather Flat Power Transmission Belting 1000 mm W max

Flat transmission belting, Nylon transmission belting, Leather transmission belting


Heat Resistant Narrow Wedge Banded Cog Metric Antistatic V Belts 600”L max

Metric v belts, Narrow v belts, Wedge belts, Banded v belt, Cog v belt


High Torque Motor Pump Engine Mounting Shaft Coupling 550mm OD max

Pump coupling, Engine shaft mounting, Motor coupling


Balanced Cast-Iron Taper Lock Dual Duty V Belt Timing Pulley 1500mm PCD max

Fan belt pulley, Cast iron pulley, Taper lock pulley, Dual duty belt pulley, Timing pulley, V belt pulley


Insulation Safety Sealing Manufacturers' Tailor-Made: HIC

Abrasion Resistant Pulley Lagging Sheet and Skirt Rubber 25 mm Thick max

Skirting rubber, Pulley lagging


Safety Insulating Mat Silicone Viton NBR Gasket Rubber Sheet 50mm Thick max

Insulating mat, Electrical safety rubber mat, Silicone rubber sheet, Viton rubber sheet, NBR rubber sheet, Rubber sheet gasket material, Synthetic rubber sheeting


Hydraulic Pipe Fittings Manufacturers' Made to Order: HIC

Leak-Proof Steel 3 Four Way High Pressure Non Return Ball Valve 12”NB max

2 way ball valve, 3 way ball valve, Four way ball valve, Stainless steel ball valves, High pressure ball valves, Non return valve, Globe valve, Butterfly valve, Lift up check valve, Plug valve, Needle valve, Check valve coupling quick release, Camlock coupler adapter


Kink-less LPG Fly Ash Carbon Free Petroleum Hydraulic Rubber Hose 16”NB max

Hydraulic rubber hose, Composite hoses, High temperature steam hose, Rock drill mining hose, Concrete pump hose, LPG hose, Fly ash hose, Carbon free hose, Petroleum transfer hose, Water suction discharge hose pipe, Canvas fire hose and reel, Stainless steel corrugated hoses, Air water braided hosepipe, Industrial hose pipe

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