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Quality Conveyor Belt Fasteners

Quality conveyor-belt fasteners and elevator bucket bolts manufactured in ISO 9001 certified HIC factories in India with Production Supervisors conducting routine pre-manufacture checks and post-manufacture tests as to :

100% Physical checks with respect to dimensions,

100% Chemical checks w.r.t. MOC,

 20% Random physical tests

HIC Belts Fastener Manufacturers Test Certificate

Tensile Strength & Elongation Testing Machine

Quality belt fastener conforming IS 10288, DIN 15237, ISO grade 5.8 - HIC-manufacturers
in-house modern Test Lab Certificate issued with respect to Allowable Working Tension Rating in P.I.W, besides other tests.

Warranty of one year against any manufacturing defects in HIC-manufactured fastener bolt product.

Third Party Inspections by DNV, RITES, EIL, QSS, SGS, also arranged in HIC’s fastener factory or by Government Approved Laboratory, Test Certificate issue fee charges directly reimbursed by buyers.

Legalization by Embassy or Chambers of Commerce Attestation of export shipping Invoice and other documents also provided towards export of Indian Origin fasteners products if demanded on actual fee remitted by importers directly to HIC-Universal and or cost added up in Invoice.

Belt Fastener Bolts Enquiry Sending Information to HIC-Universal

Purchase Enquiry or RFQ of belts fastener be filled up in Query Form for fast response please.

Customers of HIC-Universal conveyor belts fastener satisfied with performance and delivery commitments.

Plant Machinery and Testing Equipment of HIC-Universal Belts Fastener Manufacturers

Organization Structure of HIC-Fastener Manufacturing Company

Uses of fastener bolts as belts mechanical joint splice in industrial automation conveyor elevator applications

Selection and Installation Method of HIC-Universal Conveyor Belts Fastener

Units Conversion Formula
Elevator Bolt Conveyor Belt Fastener Clipper
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