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Staples Pre-inserted Conveyor Belt Fasteners

Staples Type Belt Fastener

Fast splicing single piece design Staples pre-inserted conveyor belt fasteners are used by seafood freezer conveyors manufacturers and fishmeal equipment manufacturers of HIC make Universal brand bolt fastener located in Alaska, Los Angeles, California of USA, Hamburg Germany, Tokyo Japan, New South Wales Australia, Hamilton Canada, Plymouth UK, Port Louis Mauritius, Shenzen, Ningbo, Shanghai, Guangzhou of China, Taipei Taiwan, Busan South Korea, Mumbai Maharashtra, Chennai, Tuticorin Tamil Nadu, Kolkata, Haldia Bengal, Cochin Kerala, Vishakhapatnam Andhra, Paradip Odisha, Gangtok Sikkim, suited for 3 mm, 4.50, 6 mm belt thickness respectively, manufactured in sizes RS62, RS125, RS187, respective staple system mechanical fastener Ratings up to P.I.W.100, 160, 200, respective minimum Pulley diameter INCH 2, 3, 4, male-female strips in food quality stainless steel and alloy steel fasteners.

Staples pre-inserted fasteners produced are also, used by Airports baggage handling conveyor-belt system manufacturers of HIC-make Universal brand in Hong Kong, China, USA, India, various Asian and European countries.

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Elevator Bolt Staples Pre-inserted Fastener Clipper
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