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Sizes of Conveyor Drum Roller Manufacturers

Sizes of Drum Pulley

Conveyor drum roller face width MM of 600, 700, 750, 950, 1150, 1400, 1600, 1800, 2000, 2200 mm Head end drum rubber lagged and Tail end conveyor roller manufactured for respective belt width MM 500, 600, 650, 800, 1000, 1200, 1400, 1600, 1800, 2000 mm BW.

Bearing Plummer Block Sizes Assembled in HIC Conveyor Drums

plummer block fitted conveyor pulley HIC Universal

Bearing taper roller aperture of drum pulley 1211 EK – Plummer block SNL 511 for 50mm shaft diameter of reputed company like SMR or Masta used in manufacture of conveyor pulley used in manufacture.

Bearing size 1215 EK- SNL 515 for shaft diam 65mm, bearing size 1219 EK- SNL 519 for shaft diam 85mm, bearing size 1222 EK- SNL 522 for shaft diam 100mm, bearing size 22226 EK- SNL 526 for shaft diam 115mm, bearing size 22228 EK- SNL 528 for shaft diam 125mm of conveyor drum rollers.

Shaft diameter of belt conveyor drum rollers in accordance with corrected resultant load and belt tension selection being made.

Tube Diameter of Head Tail Drum Produced by HIC Pulley Conveyor

Tube Diameter, Shell and Shaft

Diameter of conveyor drum pulley in accordance with maximum allowable working tension as per HIC conveyor belts fabric ply thickness specifications of minimum pulley diameter recommendations of steel tube diameter produced sizes MM 219, 273, 323, 355, 408, 455, 510, 630, 800,1000 mm.

Keyless locking elements used in manufacture for conveyor pulley shaft-to-hub attachments.

Shell Thickness of carbon-steel pulley drum MM 8, 10, 12, 14, 18, 22 used in manufacture as per load lifting requirements, machined to be concentric with shaft within the permissible run-out.

Head end conveyor drum for 3 ply ep or nylon conveyor belt used MM size 273, 323, 355, 408, 455 mm.
Head pulley conveyor for 4 ply ep or nylon conveyor belt used MM size 355, 408, 455, 510, 630 mm.

Tail end drum for 3 ply ep or nylon conveyor belt used MM size 273, 323, 355, 408, mm.
Tail pulley conveyor for 4 ply ep or nylon conveyor belt used MM size 408, 455, 510, 630 mm.

Shaft material of EN3A steel grade or EN9 used in manufacture and quality grease type GPG-2LX EP used for Bearing lubrication of conveyor drum pulley.

HIC drum conveyor pulleys are statically balanced. Dynamic Balancing of drum conveyor roller also undertaken for drum pulley needed to drive at very high speed rotation.

Quantity of HIC Drum Conveyor Pulley Supplied

Conveyor Head drum Minimum order quantity of 01 number.
Tail drum conveyor Minimum order quantity of 01 number.

Packed in sea-worthy jute or HDPE bags. Also, packed in wooden cases on specific orders.

Units Conversion Formula
Drum Conveyor Pulley
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