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Conveyor Head Pulley Manufacturers

head conveyor pulley HIC Universal

Head end pulley are used by mining conveyor equipment manufacturers of HIC make Universal brand drum pulley located in Milan of Italy, Belarus of Russia, Oldham, Leicester, Telford of UK, Shanghai of China, Hamburg, Detmold of Germany, Nevada, Orlando, Tampa, Port Washington Wisconsin of USA, Victoria, Keysborough of Australia, Auckland of New Zealand, Otavalo Ecuador, Zuarinagar, Panjim of Goa, Hospet, Bengaluru of Karnataka, Jharsuguda, Barbil, Angul, Rourkela of Odisha and other Indian states and Asian countries, advantage being that helps give motion to the conveyor belt.

Herringbone Rubber Diamond Groove Lagging Pulley Conveyor
Made by HIC

conveyor drum herringbone rubber lagging HIC Universal

Diamond grooved rubber lagging conveyor drum pulley are used by bulk material handling project consulting manufacturers of HIC make Universal brand drum pulley located in Rosenheim of Germany, Argentina, Gauteng South Africa, Krasnoyarsk Russia, Antofagasta Chile, Tequila Jalisco Mexico, Dunedin New Zealand, Dandenong South Victoria Melbourne Australia, Katanga Congo, Chester England UK, Menongue, Luanda of Angola, Allentown Pennsylvania USA, Ottawa Ontario Canada, Hyderabad of Andhra, Ahmedabad of Gujarat and other Indian states and Asian countries, to help improve the friction and provide good power transfer, more ideally herringbone rubber lagging pulley being used by bulk conveyor system producer located in Ancaster Hamilton Canada, Lima Peru, Blantyre Malawi, Campinas Brazil, New Orleans United States of America, Noida of UP, Vallabh Vidhyanagar of Gujarat, advantageous, where conveying material deposits cannot be fully avoided.

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Drum Conveyor Pulley
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