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Cushion couplings used by manufacturers of vacuum pumps, air compressor of HIC make Universal brand rubber cushion type drive flexible coupling located in Portsmouth Hampshire UK, Colorado USA, Ningbo China, Brisbane Australia, Villanova Italy, Gadstrup Denmark, Gore New Zealand, Mauerstetten Bavaria Germany, Singapore, Gauteng, Cape Town of South Africa, Ahmedabad Gujarat, Faridabad Haryana, Aurangabad Maharashtra, Bathinda Punjab, Bengaluru Karnataka, Vellore Tamil Nadu, and other states of India and Asian countries, featuring angular as well as parallel shaft Misalignment capability where cushions are held in place radially by a steel collar and having advantage of Higher Torque plus Bore Capacity than L series jaw couplings, radially removable elastomeric cushion coupling that can be made to run at low speed of max 250 rpm but with great torque.

Flex C jaw couplings also used by manufacturers of effluent pump, portable water pump, stepper motor producer of HIC make Universal brand rubber cushion type drive flexible coupling located in Chicago USA, Beersheba Israel, Sheffield UK, Durban South Africa, Athens Greece, Shandong China, Daegu South Korea, Wellington New Zealand, Kowloon Hong Kong, Dadedo Guam United States Territory, Temuco Chile, Bandar Seri Begawan Brunei, Phnom Penh Cambodia, Kolkata Bengal, Nashik, Mumbai of Maharashtra, Bahadurgarh Haryana, Delhi, and other states of India and Asian countries.

Torque cushion drive couplings heavy duty sizes manufactured C series 226C, 276, 280, 295, 2955C with synthetic rubber spider jaw coupling, max Torque 2136 Nm, Bore capacity maximum MM 100.

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C-Flex Torque Cushion Flexible Couplings
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