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Flexible Shaft Coupling

HIC Flexible Coupling Selection Guide for Shaft Connection *

Follow simple steps for as to How to select flexible shaft coupling for drive rotating shafts connection:-

Step 1 of HIC Universal flexible couplings Selection:

Nominal Torque calculation- Torque, Nm = kw x 9550 divided by RPM , will give torque requirements of flexible coupling subjected to shock.

Step 2 of HIC Universal flexible couplings Selection:

Design Torque or Power as selection Base for flexible coupling- Multiply Nominal Torque by Application Service Factor, matching driving motor or engine and driven machine class type to arrive design power for right selection purpose.

Step 3 of HIC Universal flexible couplings Selection:

Bore diameter Size and OD accommodation possibility of chosen flexible coupling- Choose flexible shaft coupling type and size to mount or fit within the corresponding maximum bore size possibility and better selection would be one next higher size of coupling for future expandability.

Step 4 of HIC Universal flexible couplings Selection:

Size and Class Type of shaft coupling final Selection- Maximum RPM value be checked for torque capability of drive coupling intended for the application.

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Flexible Drive Shaft Couplings
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