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Snap Wrap SW Type Radially Removable Elastomer Coupling

snap wrap coupling HIC Universal             Snap Wrap Coupling SW Type Snap Wrap Coupling SW Type

Snap Wrap couplings used by manufacturers of centrifugal fans, agitator motor of HIC make Universal brand snap wrap flexible coupling located in Stuttgart Germany, Taichung City Taiwan, Volon Province of Verona Italy, Hamburg Germany, Auckland New Zealand, Broadview Illinois USA, Uxbridge Greater London UK, Rowville Victoria Australia, Brussels Belgium, Quebec Canada, Singapore, Johannesburg South Africa, Ningbo China, Satara Maharashtra, Dewas MP, Kundli Sonepat Haryana, Howrah West Bengal, and other states of India and Asian countries, featuring good Misalignment capability than L series jaw couplings and having advantage of Easy Spider Removal without moving the modular machined hubs saving machinery downtime.

Radially removable couplings also used by manufacturers of rotary screens, brewing machinery, evaporators producer of HIC make Universal brand snap wrap flexible coupling located in Dalton Georgia USA, Cannington Western Australia, Invercargill New Zealand, Sao Paulo Brazil, Chicago United States of America, Modugno Province of Bari Italy, Melbourne Australasia, Solihull West Midlands UK, Sydney Australia, Elmira New York USA, Holland The Netherlands, Douala Cameroon, N’Djamena Chad, Singapore, Surabaya Indonesia, Biratnagar Nepal, Shanghai China, New Delhi, Pune, Mumbai of Maharashtra, Coimbatore Tamil Nadu, and other states of India and Asian countries.

Elastomer coupling sizes manufactured SW series 095SW, 099, 100, 110, 150, 190, 225, 226, 276, 280, 295, 2955, 300, 350SW with synthetic rubber element radially removable coupling snap wrap type, max Torque 4308 Nm, Bore capacity maximum MM 115.

Snap wrap spider Elements as spare for jaw coupling also supplied.

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Snap Wrap Jaw Couplings
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