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Hot Water Rubber Hose Pipe Manufacturers: HIC Universal

Rubber Hose Hot Water HIC Universal

Hot Water rubber hose pipe manufactured in SBR synthetic rubber tube single or double dipped nylon yarn braided of high tenacity or woven textile plies with good bonding used as heater hose for safe conveying of industrial hot water in locomotives, sugar mills, steel factories, automobile workshops for hot water transfer up to 100 degree C temperature application supplied exceeding IS 5821, DIN 47311 specifications produced by HIC Universal India exporters of hot water hoses to South Korea, Japan, France, Italy, Kenya, Uganda, UAE, Sweden, Nepal, Thailand, USA, Norway, Germany, England UK, Ukraine, Indonesia, Singapore, Nigeria, Greece, Spain, Vietnam, Argentina, Peru, Australia.

Hot Water Hose 10 bar as per IS5821 TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS: HIC

ID = NB size range (mm)Working Pressure (bar)Rubber Tube (lining)Cover & FinishReinforcementBurst Pressure (bar) & Temperature
12.5, 16, 19, 25, 32, 38, 50

Till 2”

(= 150 psi)
Test Pressure 2 : 1
Synthetic SBR rubber, heat & abrasion resistant Synthetic rubber abrasion resistant ; Cloth Wrapped
BLUE color
Heavy Duty Synthetic 1 or 2 nylon yarn braided or woven textile plies 30

- 30ºC to + 100ºC

Safety Factor
3 : 1

* Roll Lengths manufactured are 30 meters Min. (= 98 feet Approx.) and Max continuous long length of braided hoses produced are 120m for 1/2” ID ; 80m for 3/4” ; 60m for 1” and 1-1/4” ; 50m for 1-1/2” ; 20m for 2 inch Inner Diameter size hose. Mandrel built woven ply hoses Max Length produced in each size is 20 meters.

** Packaging in coils wrapped in HDPE or Jute cloth straight stuffed from factory into direct truck/ trailer.

*** Hose Reel also supplied.

Units Conversion Formula
High Pressure Rubber Hose Pipe
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