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10KV LT control Class A, 22KV HT Class B, 36KV high voltage insulating mats for electrical purposes as per IS 15652

10KV Class 0, 20KV Class 1, 30KV Class 2, 40KV Class3, 50KV Class 4 dielectric switchboard matting for electrical safety as per IEC 61111

15KV proof voltage Tested 8mm to 25mm Thick electrical substation anti-skid rubber mat as per IS 5424

Neoprene Sheet CR rubber - Resistant to ozone. gas, oil, fire

Nitrile Sheet NBR rubber - Resistant to petroleum oil, inorganic chemicals

Viton Sheet FKM rubber -
Resistant to ultra heat till 300 deg C, chemical, flame

EPDM Sheet rubber -
Resistant to outdoor weather, steam, corrosive chemicals

Silicone Sheet MQ rubber - Resistant to hot temperature above 200 deg C, oxidation apt for pharma and food

SBR Sheet rubber -
Resistant to ageing, high abrasion, hot water till 120 deg C

Shot Blasting Sheet Natural rubber - Resistant to impact, abrasion, water

Cloth ply Insertion sheet NR/SBR rubber - resistant to tear, steam pressure flange gasket
sealing material

Butyl Sheet IIR rubber - Resistant to phosphoric acid, caustic soda, alkali

Cork Sheet rubberized Nitrile/Neoprene rubber -
Thermal insulator apt for power transformer and automobile

Hypalon Sheet CSM rubber - Resistant to inorganic chemicals, corrosive acid

GUIDE - rubber Grade, Thickness, Size, Shore hardness, cloth insertion or pure gum, colour, Finish of switchboard matting Selection

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HIC dielectric switchboard matting

Rubber Pulley Lagging &
Conveyor Spill-control

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Electrical Switchboard Insulating Matting

Switchboard Electrical Insulating Matting as per IEC 61111

Electrical Insulating Matting as per Swedish standards IEC 61111 used by manufacturers of X-ray equipment, power plant equipment, control switchboard producers of HIC make Universal brand electrical switchboard safety dielectric mats located in St-Katelijne Waver Belgium, Greve Denmark, San Godenzo Italy, Ningbo China, Worthing UK, Wuppertal Deutschland, Baillonville Belgium, Hrusovany U Brna Czech Rep., Bratislava Slovakia, Derio Spain, Zaporozhye Ukraine, Oldbury UK, Alcester United Kingdom, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, Gurgaon Haryana India, Thane, Nagpur, Mumbai, Nashik of Maharashtra India, Vadodara, Ahmedabad of Gujarat India, Jalandhar Punjab India, Kolkata Bengal India, Mysore Karnataka India, New Delhi India, and other states of India and Asian countries, essential for protection against electrical shock of workers on electrical installations by floor covering with synthetic insulation dielectric mat.

Switchboard Dielectric Mats dimension sizes Width and Length manufactured M 1 x 1, 1 x 5, 1 x 10, 1.2 x 5 meter, Surface Finish dielectric matting cloth impression texture on Top and plain Bottom, Thickness MM 2 to 14, Color Grey or Black as standard, also in Blue, as per dielectric Class :-

5,000V Proof Voltage, Class 0, 20,000V Withstand Voltage ( dielectric ), 1000V Max Operating matting

10,000V Proof Voltage, Class 1, 20,000V Withstand Voltage ( dielectric ), 7500V Max Operating matting

20,000V Proof Voltage, Class 2, 30,000V Withstand Voltage ( dielectric ), 17000V Max Operating matting

30,000V Proof Voltage, Class 3, 40,000V Withstand Voltage ( dielectric ), 26500V Max Operating matting

40,000V Proof Voltage, Class 4, 50,000V Withstand Voltage ( dielectric ), 36000V Max Operating matting

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Dielectric Switchboard Matting as per IEC 61111
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dielectric mat as per IEC, dielectric carpet as per IEC, switchboard dielectric matting as per IEC