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2 way ball valve 1000 bar max high pressure - fire safe

2 way Flanged ball valve 400 bar max high pressure - wastewater control

2 way ball valve 100 bar max medium pressure - mud pump control

2 way ball valve 70 bar max low pressure - asphalt release sprayer

2 way Reduced port ball valve 50 bar max flow pressure - chemical injection pump

3 pc Isolation ball valve class 800 max flow pressure - cryogenic, steam rated

Flanged ball valve class 300 max pressure full flow - forklift hydraulic control

3 way ball valve L or T port class 300 max flow pressure flanged - military fire truck fluid mixer

4 way Multiport ball valve 400 bar max flow pressure Threaded - Chemical dosing

4 way Flanged diverter ball valve class 300 max flow pressure - gas mixing

Wafer check class 150 max flow pressure Non Return valve - natural gas control

Swing check class 300 max flow pressure NRV - fuel pump control

Lift type class 1500 max flow pressure Non return check valve - Condensate drain

Straight pattern check 700 bar max flow pressure Non return valve - turbine steam control

Straight port 500 bar max high pressure flow Needle valve Screwed and Flanged Gas regulating

Angle type 500 bar max pressure flow Needle valve - Instrumentation process control

Gate type Butt-weld or Socket or Flanged ends class 1500 max high pressure valve - Oilfield flow control

Globe type class 1500 max high pressure valve - Subsea ship tank throttle flow control

Lubricated Plug type class 150 max high pressure valve - Refinery vapor pipeline shut off

Wafer type Butterfly class 150 max pressure control valve - Sewage

Flanged end Butterfly class 150 max pressure valve - Sanitary water control

Double check valve quick connect coupling Hydraulic - Ammonia, Steam shut off

Single check valve quick release coupling Pneumatic - Air shut off

Straight Through quick disconnect coupling - Viscous fluid hose connection

Cam and groove coupling tanker liquid and dry powder transfer, Camlock fittings Adapter, Coupler, Hose Shank, Dust Plug

High pressure quick connect hose coupling as per ISO 7241 -
Poppet style valves

GUIDE - Fluid medium, Flow type like water, oil, acid, alkaline, beverages, slurry, air, vapor, chlorine, Functionality, Design Pattern, Size, End connection, Body, Pressure, Temperature, Seat material of industrial valve Selection

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Swing Check Valve

Swing Type Check Non Return Valve 300 Max

Swing Check valve sizes used by manufacturers of feed water systems, fuel line pump system and plumbing contractors of HIC make Universal brand Non return valve located in Nagoya Japan, Aberdeen Scotland UK, Hempstead New York USA, Perth Australia, Taipei Taiwan, Houston Texas United States, Qingdao China, Seoul South Korea, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, Hanoi Vietnam, Navi Mumbai Pune Raigad Nashik of Maharashtra India, Hyderabad Andhra India, Noida Ghaziabad Uttar Pradesh India, Bengaluru Hubli of Karnataka India, Ahmedabad Vadodara of Gujarat India, Chennai Coimbatore of Tamil Nadu India, Gurgaon Faridabad of Haryana India, Pantnagar Uttarakhand India, Balasore Odisha India, Kolkata Asansol Bengal India, Dhanbad Jharkhand India, Bhiwadi Alwar of Rajasthan India, Pithampur Indore Madhya Pradesh, Chandigarh Ludhiana Punjab India, Hyderabad Andhra India, Kottayam Kerala India, Srinagar Jammu and Kashmir India, Delhi India, and other states of India and Asian countries, as advantage of Swing type non-return valve being produces high resistance to flow in open position in one direction only, and closes automatically in the event of reverse flow.

Swing type Check valve NRV for fuel injection and feed water control services manufactured valve Sizes MM 25 to 200 NB ~ 1” up to 8”, Test Pressure up to Bar # 300, Valve Body Material cast steel or forged steel or stainless steel or brass, Valve End Connections Screwed end BSP or NPT or Socket Weld or Flanged Ends ASA or BS class, Check Valve Accessories Not needed.

Non return valve, Straight Pattern Check valve, Lift-Up Pattern Check valve, Swing Check valve, Wafer Check valve, Minimum order quantity in Assortment sizes or single size NUMBERS 02.

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Control Ball Check Valve Pneumatic Hydraulic Coupling
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